Zdravím, objevil jsem skvělé stránky na kterých můžete získat věci jako psp, plazmovou TV, Macbooky nebo nejnovější Iphone 4 aniž byste zaplatili jedinou korunu!!! Myslel jsem že to musí být podvod, ale podle množství kladných ohlasů asi není Takže, napíšu vám stručný návod: 1. Registrujte se na: Http://gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk/315734 a v sekci My gift si vyberte váš vysněný předmět 2. Klikněte na Offers a vyberte si 1 stránky a na těch udělejte co je v pokynech pod bannerem (doporučuji Intuit, je to zdarma) registrace probíhá tak že vyplníte 1 stránku a dáte Continue a po načtení Step 2 okno prohlížeče zavřete.Za 2 dny vám přijde mail toho si nevšímejte až 3 den vám příde mail z proškrtnutou kartou kliknete na odkaz a vytvořte si stránky je to nutné aby jste splnili podmínky k registraci. 3. U vašeho vybraného dárečku je počet povinných referrals-lidí, kteří se zaregistrují pod vaším odkazem. Sežeňte ten počet lidí a přimějte je k registraci 4. Těšte se na odměnu Jestli stále nevěříte stačí se podívat na you tube a tam je spousta videí jak lidé rozbalují dárky ....


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Hello on this page guide describes how to get a free gift worth something sasamozřejmě vjeřte but it is not no money I got a gift from the company and nothing I did not pay enough to register on 2 stránkaách (see instructions below) and get some friends to come to you egistrovali and in less than a month will give you home a free gift just a few clicks ...

1.Tento paste this link into your browser (IE or Mozilla)

* Http://gifts.freebiejeebies.co.uk/315734

... On the page you will find at this link, choose your gift (after registering gifts will be more and can be changed at any time) and the right to register (under the large text SIGN UP NOW enter your email and click "Go!" ). Next you will need to enter the true address, to know where to send a gift. After entering the address, name, etc. check the box "I agree to the Terms & Conditions' and you Continue. Úpěšné After registering you will see this:

Congratulations, you have completed the sign-up proc, ess!

Now you need to confirm your registration mail with which you registered. In an email, which will soon come to click on the first link, which you'll see ...

! ATTENTION! It may be only one account Freebiejeebies

* Per household
* On a single IP address

2nd After registering, you will see a page with several pictures of tenders. Most of the registration at the casino or the auction house, where after you will want to make a deposit and once played (it is also a possibility), but if you want it will not cost any money, so you might be interested only by Intuit, whose bid a 30 day free hosting test.

3rd On this tab, then select Intuit Offers and click on the window you will be directed to their site where you register through the yellow button "Try it FREE. Continue filling the first page and after filling the fields with an asterisk, click on "Continue".

Possible problems:

* Your name and write all the names without diacritics, ie. without accents ...
* User ID - the name under which you log in;
* Phone number - you need to enter the number in international format, ie. before your number put an 00,420;
* Website type - select Personal

After clicking "Continue" it will be passed on to the next page, where you need a credit card, but if you do not order their software, cancel the account itself! Another possibility is there and probably will use most of you, if you sign up for Intuit's complete only the first page and click on "Continue" page, simply close. After two days of them will come the first email, which will encourage you to complete registration by entering your credit card. But the very next, ie. Third, the day will come from Intuit's latest email to try their trial version without using your credit card! After the successful registration is required even try to create their own web page on their website, where you click on the link in the second mail from Intuit displays a simple editor of web design. You can do it in three short steps, but we need to change at least the main title page, so that you can then save and publish (the Save and Publish). It's like working with Word, not hard, is not afraid of nobody.

Next you'll have to wait about 24 hours before your meeting offers treatment (that your bid is prepared to recognize as that red circle with a cross on a site under your Freebiejeebies Offers turns green with a tick are ready).

4th When you see a green check mark you can be sure that your offer is processed compliance, which we achieved the first step of two. Furthermore, it is necessary to recommend the offer to other people or friends, which is the hard part, but certainly not satisfiable! The point is that in the "REFER Friends" link on your own and send out the known and unknown. If the party concerned to register and comply freebiejeebies Offers (ie, has reached Green Glass Pipes), you have a valid referral. These referrals are needed so much depending on how precious gift you choose (this is already moving from 2 to 40 referrals, of which the iphone 32gb Only authorized 29). How many friends and comrades who will believe? 50? 100? 200? That's enough people that you FreebieJeebies obtained from both the iPhone 4, but the Xbox 360, Sony Bravia HD TV with a diagonal of 100cm, Acer Aspire and another and another ...

5th Once you reach the necessary referrals, your account will be verified, and after this procedure has no choice but to wait, because sending the U.S. where the service is centered, it takes time.
Questions write to Tom.Racek@email.cz